Roasted Red Pepper infused vodka recipe card by Twenty2infuse

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Step 1 – Infuse:

  • In a non-reactive container, like a glass mason jar, infusion jar, or other non-reactive container, combine:
  • 2 to 3 medium size roasted red peppers with 14 fl oz of Twenty2 High Proof Spirit.
  • Allow to sit for 24 to 72 hours at room temperature to infuse.  Shaking occasionally is recommended, but not required.
  • Strain roasted red peppers from infused spirit using a fine mesh strainer.
  • Collect the infused spirit in a fresh non-reactive container.  Sealed tightly, your infused spirit should keep for 1- 2 months.

Step 2 – Dilute into Roasted Red Pepper Infused Vodka

  • Combine 12 fl oz of roasted red pepper infused spirit with
  • 11 fl oz of filtered water
  • 2 fl oz of Simple Syrup

Noteworthy Notes

  • You can choose to freshly roast red peppers if you have the resources and the time, however I have found great success in using already roasted red peppers from a jar.
  • Rule of thumb: Glass jars are okay, cans are not.  If going the “purchased prepared” route, do not use ingredients that have been canned.  The ‘can’ flavor will convey in your infusion, guaranteed.  See Failure: Cling Peaches for my first hand account of this lesson.  
  • I have found that different brands of jarred roasted red peppers have different flavor profiles, so be sure to record the brand you used for your infusion so you can duplicate the success next time.


Suggested Uses

  • Sip neat or on the rocks, mixed with club soda.
  • Try with variou levels of sweet to find your perfect balance.
  • Enjoy mixed in a bloody mary for added layers of flavor
  • Roasted Dirty Martini Cocktail Recipe: 3 parts infused vodka, 1/2 part olive brine, 1/2 part dry vermouth, stirred over ice, served up with a large pimento stuffed olive.


Check out the pictures of my roasted red pepper infusion from start to finish on Flickr: