More Flavors Infused

This page is a collection of additional infusions I’ve created, but felt the final flavor or end results didn’t warrant a dedicated post declaring “Success” or “Failure”.   Some of the flavors listed are actually good, and some I’ll likely return to, but for now, this is their home.

If you’d like to know more about a specific recipe, ratio, or results of the infusions listed on this page, please comment below and I’ll help you best I can.  Thanks! -Scott

  • Butterscotch (Nestle Toll House Chips) – Good butterscotch flavor…just forgot about this one.  After sitting for 3 weeks, it was no longer relevant to this site, but good flavor none the less.
  • Charred Oak Chips – Tasted like licking a fire pit after a weekend of camping.  I charred my own chips which was the mistake…
  • Cherry Tomato – Even starting with the sweetest tomatoes I could find, the infusion did not taste convey that sweetness…
  • Chili Powder and Peanut – Way too hot.  Like offensive hot.
  • Chorizo (Sausage) – One of my very first meat infusions, I made the mistake of not cooking this first before putting it into the HPS (mistake 1).  Then I infused it in the freezer (mistake 2).  And because it was in the freezer, I forgot about it (mistake 3)  Never ended up tasting this one, I suspect a properly cooked piece of chorizo would infuse pretty well…
  • Cucumber Peel – Decided to try just the peel of the cucumber after infusing a cucumber & skin and the results came out way bitter.  I haven’t come across another infusion yet that creates such a great deep green color.
  • Dried Persimmon – Junk in = junk out.  While the quality of the dried persimmons may have been top notch, the fact that they were dried was very evident in the infusions flavor.
  • Genoa Salami – Another one of my earlier meat infusions, the flavor of this was very recognizable.  I’ll likely return to this flavor down the road…
  • McDonald’s French Fries – Actually did this infusion twice.  First time (and pictured below) I muddled the fries.  My second attempt I left the fries whole, and to soak in the HPS.  This method extracted out the flavors (oils) that make these fries McDonald’s Fries.  The smell was better than the taste, though the taste was of french fries.
  • Meyer Lemon – Basically the same results as achieved with ordinary lemons, posting this recipe would have just been duplicate content…
  • Whoppers (Malted Milk Balls) – Never got around to straining these…I still have the 8oz mason jar with this infusion sitting in it…not sure what my plans are for it.. :)


What will YOU create?


2 Responses to More Flavors Infused

  1. Grapevine4wine says:

    I’d like to know how the McDonald’s french fries infusion turned out! Like the recipe, ratio, and what had you planned to use the vodka for. Thanks!!

    • Ahh, the french fries. Admittedly, I didn’t have a final cocktail in mind that would have called for French Fry infusion. Instead, I was curious to see if I could create a flavor of vodka that, when poured as a shot and sipped, was instantly recognizable, but completely unexpected. McDonald’s french fries have that familiarity potential, I’d say most American’s have had at least some experience with those famous fries. But in the form of a vodka, it was a bust.

      The fries infused fine, however the overall experience was missing that GBD (golden brown and delicious) texture that make fried foods taste great. The flavor, and especially the scent, of the McDonald’s french fries was conveyed in an interestingly perfect way. Oils are less dense than 80% ABV ethanol, so instead of floating and dissipating (like they would on water), they sink and remain. After about a day of infusing (left whole with little agitation), a tiny layer of oily pearls gathered at the bottom of the jar. They were a rich yellow orange color, and I knew instantly that this oil was the flavor of the french fries. Remember, these fries are not fresh, they are engineered to perfection to cook and taste the same every time. After filtering the fries from the spirit, this oil and HPS mixture is what I used to create the french fry vodka.

      So the taste…like I mentioned before, it was kind of disappointing. Actually, it was especially disappointing, because it smelled just like french fries thanks to the oil that was infused out. The way to experience this infusion was to pour half a shot glass of french fry infused vodka, add a pinch of salt, and then top off the glass with hot/warm water. The warm water really opened up the trapped oils making the scent instantly recognizable, but when sipped, it kind of just tasted bland.

      Regarding the recipe, looks like I did a 2:1 ratio of HPS to French Fries By weight. I did 2 versions, the second version was most successful, where the fries were left whole instead of muddled or chopped up. The first version where I muddled them only opened up all of the internal starches which made the final vodka grainy and cloudy. Keeping the fries whole made straining a snap, allowing the fine oils to pass through the fine mesh strainer and into the collection bowl. This also allowed me to skip the coffee filter step, a necessary stage if the fries were muddled. Finally, after infusing I did a 1:1 ratio of infused spirit with water from a Brita pitcher to get it down to vodka strength.

      Digging through my infusing albums I only took pictures of the first attempt where I muddled the fries. I’ve uploaded them to my Picasa gallery anyway, you can see how cloudy the strained spirit was after muddling.
      Link to the gallery:
      Thanks for the question!