Step 1 – Infuse:

  • In a non-reactive container, like a glass mason jar, infusion jar, or other non-reactive container, combine:
  • The zest from 2 grapefruits, the zest from 2 limes, and 20 maraschino cherries 20 fl oz of Twenty2 High Proof Spirit.
  • Allow to sit for 24 to 72 hours at room temperature to infuse.  Shaking occasionally is recommended, but not required.
  • Strain citrus zest and cherries from infused spirit using a fine mesh strainer.
  • Collect the infused spirit in a fresh non-reactive container.  Sealed tightly, your infused spirit should keep for 1- 2 months.

Step 2 – Dilute into Grapefruit, Lime & Cherry Infused Vodka

  • Combine 12 fl oz of infused spirit with
  • 4 fl oz of regular simple syrup
  • 4 fl oz of “weak” brown sugar simple syrup (Recipe below)
  • 8 fl oz of filtered water

Noteworthy Notes

  • Use a titan peeler zest the grapefruit and a micro-plane to zest the lime.  I just can’t get the limes to zest with the titan peeler.
  • “Weak” Brown Sugar simple syrup recipe: Combined 1 part dark brown sugar with 3 parts water, stir until completely combined, no need to heat on the stove.

Suggested Uses

  • Mix 1 part infused vodka with 3 parts fresh tonic.
  • Mix 1 part infused vodka with 3 parts San Pellegrino.
  • Mix 1 part infused vodka with 3 parts lemonade.