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4 Responses to Contact

  1. Adam Toner says:

    Hey Scott, I am in the middle of a Kiwi infusion and I am using your other attempts at fruit to figure out volumes. I cant read the pineapple one. Its black text against black background. I only used two Kiwi and I wish I had done four, next time!! I got 137.8 Grams of Kiwi so I used 167.1 grams of hps. That seemed to be similer to the ratios you used for similer textured fruits and veggies. I was wondering, how do you figure how much hps to product ratio? I am looking forward to my taste test!!! Also most of your recipes dont say how much simple surup you used in the final product. The cards inside the jar said, 3-2-1 and im not sure that a sweet fruit like kiwi is gonna need all that sugar. This is fun!! I have pear to do when the Kiwi is done, just waitting for it to be more ripe!! thanks Scott, have a great weekend!!!

    • Scott @ Twenty2 says:

      Hey Adam!

      In regards to the ratio of HPS to Fruit, all of my first attempts have been guesses :) As a rough place to start, I’d say begin with a 1:1 ratio (by weight) or a 1:2 ratio of HPS:Fruit…then adjust accordingly up or down for your next infusion. This has been my primary motivation to writing down and documenting each step in an effort to figure out the best ratio for each fruit. You beat me to kiwi though :), so I’m eager to find how how yours turns out. Keep good notes!

      All of the posts so far have just been about the infusing step, and I’ve been saving my dilution notes for some future content. 3-2-1 is a place to start, but I’m a firm believer of “Taste it, tweak it, taste it again”. I’m not exactly sure how the kiwi will respond to more or less sweet. Again, keep good notes so when you land a winner, you can repeat it next time.

      And I’ll look into the pineapple post and see if I can fix it, thanks for the heads up and the comment! Keep up the great work!


  2. Mike Sales says:

    Hey Scott

    New Jersey is going to have some fun with HPS. We’ve got some great, creative bartenders that are already looking forward to playing around.

    Until I can try their creations, I’ve tried my hand and a few infusions myself. My first was mango that turned out very well. It’s such a powerful, perfumy fruit that translated beautifully. My second was pink grapefruit. A friend commented that the finished product had the character of a grapefruit right off the tree!

    My most creative endeavor so far is nori, you know, seaweed sushi wrapper. It took quite a bit longer than the fruits, but the wait was worth it. The finished product diluted down to vodka strength had an undeniable seaweed nose and a beautiful pale green hue. Shaken with ice and served with a splash of liquid from a jar picked ginger I had myself what may be the world’s first sushi roll-inspired martini!

    Annatto seed, sweet cherry, and picked ginger infusions are currently in the works. I’ll keep you posted.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Scott @ Twenty2 says:

      Mike! Nori?!?! I’m so jealous you beat me to thinking of that!! :) Fantastic creations so far, looking forward to tasting that sushi roll-inspired martini!!!