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About This Site & the Layout:

One of my all time favorite sayings in the world is “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” The content placed on this site is intended to “teach you how to infuse” by offering first hand accounts of what did work and what did not work for me.  Each post on this site will contain one of the following pieces of information:

  1. An infusion recipe that works, and more importantly, can be repeated.  See Infused Vodka Recipes
  2. Techniques or tips learned through experience that I feel will assist you in creating the best infusion possible.  See Technique
  3. An account of a recipe experience that did not work, and why it didn’t work.  See Failed Recipes


The Product: Twenty 2 High Proof Spirit

  • What about it?  True micro distilled and bottled at 160 Proof (80% ABV).  Twenty 2 High Proof Spirit (HPS) contains 2X the concentration of ethyl alcohol, or 80% ABV when compared to traditional vodkas.
  • 160 Proof?  Yikes!  Don’t freak over the proof!  The high concentration of alcohol makes Twenty 2 HPS perfect for infusing fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, dairy, spices, or candy into vibrantly flavored liqueurs or vodkas using seasonal, local produce and inspiration.  Think of the 160 Proof like a very sharp knife in your kitchen.  If you handle the knife with respect, it can perform amazing tasks.  Same with the High Proof Spirit.  Its “sharp blade” creates infusions in hours, not weeks.
  • What else can it do? HPS offers bar chefs and kitchen chefs unprecedented control and unlimited versatility.   Because it starts at 160 Proof, you finally have the control to dilute the infused spirit to whichever ending-proof you want, using whatever flavor you want.  It’s supremely neutral base makes HPS perfect for infusing any fruit, vegetable, nut, dairy, meat, or herb.  Tired or bored with the gins available in your market? Make your own using HPS!  No other product offers chefs such control and versatility with an emphasis on quality and purity. You can quote me on that, and if you don’t believe me, Google it.  -Scott


The Progression of This Site’s Format & Content

The content posted on this site has evolved as I continue to build my expertise with infusing.  At first, the site’s posts were over- conversational, talking too much about the specific details which eventually lead to a site that did not convey one very crucial point of infusing: “Getting good results is stupid-simple”.  After identifying that overwhelming flaw in the design, the site underwent a reformatting twice before landing on the current setup.  While wrestling with “how I wanted it to look”, and “just what information is worth writing down”, I continued to infuse and experiment, creating a large backlog of experiences that need to be posted.  They are slowly making their way to the web, a process that is definitely streamlined using the new format.

Thanks for your patience as we blaze this trail together on so many fronts. I hope you find these recipes as a handy guide to begin infusing, and I hope you further enhance and develop your favorites into a special recipes of your own.  -Scott, Founder & Distiller Twenty 2 High Proof Spirit Comments and questions always welcome using the form below.


About The Northern Maine Distilling Company

Located 1 mile off the northern most exit of Interstate 95, Houlton, Maine is the home of The Northern Maine Distilling Company.  Distillers of multiple award winning Twenty 2 Micro Distilled Vodka using a self-designed and locally-constructed array of 50 gallon micro pot stills.  Going truly micro means more control over the final distillation producing a neutral vodka that was awarded 5 medals (including 2 gold and 1 platinum) in its first 24 months of availability.



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