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Summer (first half) 2013 Featured Seasonal Infusion Recipes:Fresh Grapefruit Zest Infused Vodka recipe featured summer infusion infused vodka featured summer infusion recipe Maraschino Cherry


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Beginners Infused Vodka Infusion Guide

check out my flickr gallery of infused vodka

I take pictures of all of my infusions, from raw material to final vodka or liqueur.
Check out my complete catalog of infusing pictures on Flickr –>  http://www.flickr.com/photos/twenty2vodka/sets/

Here’s a preview of some:
Spicy Serrano Pepper and Habanero Chili Infused Vodka Photos on Flickr: Photo set

Grapefruit Infused Vodka Photos on Flickr: Photo set

Spring 2013 Featured Seasonal Infusion Recipesblack jelly bean infused vodka - seasonal spring featured infused vodka flavorcaffe mocha infused vodka - seasonal spring featured chocolate and coffe infused vodka flavor olive infused vodka - seasonal spring featured infused vodka flavor

Check out this awesome video by Emily Burnham of the Bangor Daily News as we taste and comment on our seasonal Holiday infusions!  Follow Emily on Twitter @rockblogsterbdn


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